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Darfur Rehabilitation Project (DRP)
 was founded by a group of Darfurians living in the U.S., and deeply concerned about the human rights tragedy occurring in their homeland in western Sudan. DRP is working to unify the voices of Darfurians everywhere and bring increased international attention to bear on the situation there. DRP is working to achieve conflict resolution and reconciliation among the ethnic groups in Darfur. DRP fosters the development of democratic institutions and respect for human rights.

DRP members travel the U.S. to inform the public and bear witness to the current genocide, rape and displacement of their families and compatriots. DRP seeks justice for victims of human rights abuses through its Darfur Victims™ Project (DVP). DRP Board Members are skilled in conflict resolution and have actively brokered, since 2004, Darfur-Darfur Dialogues that help to sow the seeds of peace and prepare for the long-term rehabilitation of the Darfur region.

Considered knowledgeable in the history of Sudan and as eyewitnesses to the current genocide, DRP is regarded as a credible resource by all parties working to bring peace to the region. DRP works towards the day when a peaceful and secure Darfur will bring prosperity to all of its inhabitants. 

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"In the end,

we will remember not the words
of our enemies,

but the silence of our friends."


          Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.


How much longer

can we remain silent?

My Friends:

For five years a genocide has been occurring in our homeland, Darfur. For five years we have born witness to the killing of hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians, mostly our woman, children and elderly. We have heard of the raping and the maiming and seen the unforgettable images of wholesale destruction as our land, livestock, our schools and beloved villages are burned to the ground. We have heard the desperate cries of our people and the families we have left behind and at Darfur Rehabilitation Project we have worked to make these cries heard by the world. We have prayed that the world would respond.

But five years later, despite the tireless work of many, the geopolitical response is silence.

How much longer can the world remain silent in the face of such inhumanity? Soon there will be nothing left of Darfur, no villages and no survivors. Darfur Rehabilitation Project seeks to end the genocide through peaceful means. We work to restore security to the region so that when peace is achieved, rehabilitation can take place. But time is running out for Darfur. Five years of war is an eternity and for many of the young the nightmare of life in the camps is the only life they have ever known. I appeal to you as friends and citizens of the world to stand up with us today to help put an end to the Darfur genocide. For those of you who have already stepped forward to help we want to share our profound gratitude and appreciation for all your efforts. But there is much work to be done. This web site will begin to tell you what you can do to help. Reach out to us at DRP and together we will end the silence.

God Bless you,

Fatima M. Haroun,
  Director, DRP, 2008




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