Bunion Treatment Without Surgery

Bunion Treatment Without Surgery

Do you need treatment for bunion pain in Sydney? If you’re like most people, you do, as many people suffer from this painful foot problem. Unfortunately, bunions can be very difficult to treat, especially when it comes to more traditional medical methods. So, how do you get rid of your bunion pain without surgery?

Bunion treatment is commonly offered in three main ways: surgery, non-surgical and conservative methods of rest and applying pressure to the affected area. There are even some drugs that will help the problem, at least temporarily. The majority of people assume the only way bunions can be reversed is surgery, when actually the problem can be treated without going under the knife. Many people make the mistake of assuming that if they have bunions, they need to undergo surgery immediately. This is not true.

As previously mentioned, bunions Sydney CBD are usually caused by a change in the positioning of the big toe (which in this case is called bunionettes). Many times the bunion is caused by small changes in the length of your big toe, which can be solved by wearing special shoes with a wide toe box. Non-surgical bunion treatment options include:

When you go with treatment for bunion pain in Sydney that does not involve surgery, you’re going to get relief from some of the more extreme bunion symptoms such as pain and swelling. This is because the deformity will have been fixed. However, it’s important to realize that fixing the deformity doesn’t prevent the bunion from reappearing. The main reason why bunion symptoms reappear is because you’re still doing something to fix the original problem.

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With non-surgical bunion treatment options, there are numerous different solutions available for treating your bunions. The most common solution is simply walking with extra cushioning on your feet. This may sound like a simple solution, but many times overweight people suffer from bunions because of their excess weight and inability to properly support their feet. Extra padding will allow your feet to breathe and stretch, alleviating the pain and pressure caused by your bunions.

Another popular method used to relieve bunion pain is to wear customized non-surgical bunion treatment devices. These are often made out of silicone, and your doctor will recommend a specific pair depending on the severity of your symptoms. One of the most popular orthotics today is the Tendon Fortius, which is designed to stabilize and expand the joints in your toe. This non-surgical bunion treatment device is actually similar to a shoe insert that goes over the top of your existing shoe, creating a tight seal so your toes don’t rub against each other.