Do I Need a Physio for Knee Pain?

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A physiotherapist can be an important part of the treatment for your knee pain, especially if you are suffering from patellofemoral pain syndrome. These patients must be able to perform gentle range of motion exercises, but they may need to modify their activities for a short period. A physiotherapist can guide a patient on how to gradually load the knee joint to increase its capacity. When combined with other treatments, a physiotherapist can help you find relief from your symptoms.

If you have knee pain, it is important to see a trusted healthcare professional. He or she will be able to perform a thorough assessment and make a recommendation on conservative treatment. After assessing your knee pain, your physiotherapist can prescribe appropriate treatments. Once you have received a diagnosis, you will be given a plan of action to treat your pain. The goal of a physiotherapist is to restore your mobility and prevent further damage.

A physiotherapist can provide you with the necessary tools to improve your mobility and restore your active lifestyle. They can also diagnose your condition, immobilise your knee, and monitor your rehabilitation progress. It is always recommended to seek immediate medical care for a fractured bone or limb, as these may require surgery. If you’re still unsure about your condition, contact a physical therapy clinic near you for further information.

A physical therapist can also help you overcome your knee problems by reducing inflammation and restoring movement. Your physiotherapist will use a range of techniques to reduce your pain and improve your quality of life. During the initial stage of the treatment, you should limit any activity that puts stress on your knee. In addition, you should avoid most lunging exercises until you’re feeling better. This is because scar tissue can tighten up.

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Physio Mount Gravatt can also address the mobility problem in your hips. If your hips are not functioning properly, your knee pain might be caused by your hips. A physiotherapist will look at your hips first before focusing on your knees. If your hips are not working well, your knee will need to be checked. Your physiotherapist can help you improve your mobility and improve your range of motion.

Physiotherapy is important for knee pain. It is a necessary component of any rehab. The treatment will focus on restoring functional mobility and reducing pain. If you do not get the help you need, you may need to go to a doctor for a diagnosis. Depending on your injury, you might need to go to a Physio Wishart for more than just a few sessions.