Podiatry Courses Offered by Colleges and Universities

Podiatry Courses Offered by Colleges and Universities

Podiatry is a field of medicine concerned with disorders of the feet, ankles, and lower legs. It includes a variety of subspecialties: orthopedics, podiatrists, footwear specialists, physiotherapists, podiatrists, podiatry doctors, and podiatry technicians.


Many practitioners specializing in 13th Beach Health Services complete either an undergraduate degree in podiatry or a four year graduate program at an approved university or college. Those pursuing graduate degrees in podiatry can often find work in private practice or as faculty members in podiatry schools. Many podiatry schools also require students to participate in an apprenticeship, usually of one or two years, followed by a year of rigorous study at a graduate level, as well as board certification after completing the internship. Some podiatry schools will provide a certificate of completion when the student has graduated.


Many podiatrists work from their own offices. In most states, podiatry doctors must be licensed in order to practice. To achieve this, the podiatrist must pass both a written examination and a hands-on clinical evaluation. Upon reaching the required level of practice, podiatrist must be re-licensed after completing two additional years of study at an approved university or college. Once licensed, a podiatrist may begin to practice in most areas of the United States.


There are several bachelors programs located in Auckland, New Zealand. The Bachelor of Arts in Podiatry at the University of Auckland offers a one year program that is designed to get students trained in all aspects of podiatry. Students in this program include those who have already completed a bachelor’s degree in other fields as well as those who intend on becoming podiatrists. The Bachelor of Science in podiatry from the University of Auckland is a four-year program that includes both a one year internship and a year of study in a professional podiatry facility. This program helps students to become prepared for a job that combines the practical with the academics.

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There are a number of other bachelors programs at various colleges and universities throughout New Zealand. One of these programs is The University of Waikato’s Master of Science in podiatry, which is a three-year program. The Bachelor of Arts in podiatry from the University of Auckland is also a four-year program and offers a more comprehensive training. It focuses on podiatry as a whole, rather than focusing on any one aspect of podiatry. The Bachelor of Science in podiatry from the Waikato University also requires a four-year program, but it focuses more on science related training and is aimed at those who want to become full-time podiatrists.


Some other coursework that is included on a variety of college and university campuses across the United States is courses that help individuals prepare for jobs as podiatrists Barwon Heads. Coursework may focus on diagnostic equipment and image management, and may also cover surgical procedures for foot pain issues and fractures. Students will learn about the latest x-ray technology, such as computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging.